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Staying Vocally in Shape on the Road

This week we have a question about staying vocally in shape while touring and singing every night. That’s certainly tough, but a well condition vocal athlete is equipped to handle it.

Your Question

Mark, I know you are a touring artist as well as teacher and I’ve seen your group Tenore on YouTube and Facebook. What are some of the things you do to maintain your voice? And what kind of warming up do you do before a concert?


Great questions. It’s all about really owning the foundations like posture, breathing, and knowing your natural sound.

On the road it is so important to get the rest needed for the body and the voice. It’s also vital to stay hydrated both on and off the stage. I always warm up with the lip trill and scales usually on an Ah vowel. I make sure I warm up past the highest note I have to sing in concert.

It’s so important to walk out on stage with confidence in what you are about to do and know that you can do it. An athlete would never enter a game without having stretched and physically ‘warmed up’ the body. So it is with the voice. Treat it well and it will treat you well.

I personally use my Vocal Coach CDs to help on the road as well as at home. I always recommend starting with Vocal Coach Complete Breathing, Tone and Warm-Up. It’s a good idea to check in with your vocal teacher on a regular basis as well. If you’re interested, we have personal Online sessions with me available using Skype or FaceTime. That lets me give you feedback and direction to keep you on track. You can buy any of these at our online store.

Hope to see some of you Online soon!

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  1. I’m so rusty right now and extremely shy when I sing in front of others. Haven’t sung a note since I had a terrible throat infection when I was 15. I’m 44 now. I want to do a song project for a movie that I’m working on.

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