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This time of year, I always think about how blessed Carole and I have been over the many years that we have been serving singers. Blessed to do something we love, and blessed to get to know so many wonderful people along the way.

10-keyvocal-ebook-200As a thank you, I have put together a little ebook answering the Top 10 questions I get here at the Ask the Vocal Coach. And, we are giving it away for free!

You can now take this with you as a reference wherever you go. Just fill out the form below to sign up for updates from Vocal Coach, and your free ebook will be emailed right to you!

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  1. Hi Chris!
    I met you at a master class you taught at Music in The Rockies in 2008 and have been following your work ever since.
    I am a singer and vocal coach as well.
    I have one high school age male student with whom I am having some trouble helping him find the mixed voice and effectively use his support in his upper range.
    Do you have a favorite exercise for this issue?

  2. I feel I am limited as I do not play an instrument. So I have to be so conscious of the arrangement of a song – the chord progression & timing to know where the song is going. If I don’t I tend to come in at the wrong place with the vocal.
    That is so unnerving
    I did not think I was limited when I was younger. Is this because I did not care as much with the outcome of my performance?

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