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Lip Trill Followup

I got this question from Theodore following our last post, which included an audio example of the Lip Trill exercise. Theodore wanted a little more detail about the exercise and I bet there are others out there with the same question.

Your Question

Should a lip trill be done softly, and is this a good exercise for an over worked tired voice?

My Answer

Here are some notes about the Lip Trill exercise which may help:

  1. It’s about the best warm-up there is. It’s also a healthy cool down after singing.
  2. It should always be started gently, and the feeling of freedom should remain. Move up and down your whole range to feel that wonderful “connected” feeling.
  3. Sing your songs on the Lip Trill to help learn what all the notes should physically feel like. Then, duplicated those vibrating sensations when using words.
  4. The Lip Trill can be very therapeutic to a tired voice. It’s also the safe way to tip-toe back into singing after laryngitis starts to heal.

Here Is the Exercise Again for Those Who Missed It:

Hope this helps! Keep your questions coming.

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  1. Thank you Chris for this explanation. At the beginning Of our chorus warm up, we normally do the "Lip Trill" but it has never been explained why and the reason for the variations. That was excellent. Thank you

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