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Vocal Coach for High School Homeschooler

I recently received this question from a homeschool family about using Vocal Coach as their high school music curriculum. Vocal Coach Products are in fact used in schools and many homeschoolers of all ages use our products for their musical teaching. If you are involved in teaching student music, read on to find out more about how Vocal Coach can work for you.

Your Question

We are a homeschool family needing a program that will help fulfill a high school credit in performing arts. We are highly considering your program. Does Vocal Coach Singer teach them to read music as well or is it just focused on the quality of the voice/sound?


Thanks for your questions! Vocal Coach Singer does not address reading music. What it does really well, however, is help students discover their voices. They learn about the mechanics, acoustics and finally how to use their own voices in the most efficient way. It’s very systematic and very, very clear. In short, they learn an instrument that they will always have with them, and singing well is a great foundation for any other musical education.

We also have a free blog and Facebook page where we offer lots of great content answering the most common vocal questions. Plus, we are available for questions should they arise via our Ask the Vocal Coach question form on the blog.

Something else you might consider is purchasing one or two Online Personal Training sessions during the year. This can be done for an individual or shared with several of your students. The personal Online interaction would be just one more opportunity to maximize the learning process.

Lastly, in case you haven’t visited our homeschool page, there is some great info there as well. You can find it here.

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