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Training Changes your Direction

We are so pleased with how our new training packages are working out. I have seen several singers do almost a 180 in their singing and performance abilities. It’s one of the most exciting things I get to experience as a coach!

Two Recent Examples

Christen has a big competition coming up, and while she has a great ear and a pleasing tone quality (sound), she lacked pitch control and the ability to really express and sell the song. Half a dozen lessons one MP3 download later and she’s turned it around! How? Focused attention and doing what her coach told her. She had the drive and passion and we had the technical knowledge and a way to communicate it. It’s not rocket science. Just a small investment of time and money with the right training.

Jake leads a group of singers weekly. He is a great guitarist and has lots of good high school choral training, but has not trained as a soloist and leader. After several months the control and understanding of vocal sound just “clicked.” The result is a guitarist who is now a legitimate lead singer and understands his own voice. He keeps Vocal Coach warm-ups on his iPhone. He’s ready. If there’s trouble down the road he’ll know how to get out of it. So exciting!

Both of these singers were inspired. They had a reason to want to do it right. What they lacked was the technical preparation. Is this you? Are you inspired to sing but don’t have the technical skills? Make a plan. Save the time and resource and get it done. You won’t be sorry.

If you’re ready to take the next step, check out our Online Training Packages. All you need is FaceTime or Skype and the desire to go to the next level. Please let us know if you have questions.

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  1. good morning from Nigeria; special grace of GOD I am an upcoming gospel artist, and i want to go studio to record my songs now. but my voice is racking, what can I use to treat my throat.

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