Question About an Aging Voice

Eli sent me a question about what happens to our voice as we get older. The good news is that though you will face challenges and changes as you age, there is no reason you can’t go on singing. Staying vocally fit is similar to staying physically fit in this regard. Read on to learn more.

Your Question

Chris, I’ve been a “fan” of yours for many years. In fact, I have all of you old cassettes teachings and your books. They have been a blessing to me over the years. I’m a “mature” singer (72 years old). I have studied singing over the years and am still studying. My voice is still strong and doesn’t wobble. My question is this: is it normal for the voice to begin to wobble or widen because of age? I don’t find that a problem just now but do realize that there are some changes taking place in my voice. Thank you,

My Answer

Thanks for your question, Eli. You and I are close in age so I understand. We do lose elasticity and find it more difficult to stay topically moisturized as we age BUT, if you keep in shape vocally and in general you should be good for a number of years. When and if you do start to hear some shakiness you will probably be able to correct in on the spot. First, try using less air (singers usually use twice as much as needed for any given phrase), make sure your tone is rich and resonant and check your diction. If you get these areas tweaked the tone should be controlled.

The reason this will work for you is that you have maintained your voice and musical “ear.” For some it may not be quite as easy.

Thanks so much for your question and keep on singing!

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