Vocal Coach 35 Years

35 Years Of Vocal Coach. . . And Counting

Vocal Coach 35 Years

Through Ask the Vocal Coach, I’ve been getting some general questions about Vocal Coach and about myself, so I thought I’d take the time and answer some of those more personal questions here. And what better time to recount the beginnings of Vocal Coach than on the occasion of our 35th Anniversary? That’s right, We released our first Vocal Coach training products 35 Years ago this month!

It has truly been a wonderful journey for Carole and I. And, we appreciate every one of you for being a part of our lives. Thank You!

How did Vocal Coach come into being?

Chris: This could be a very long story, but I will try to distill it down to the most important parts. I come from a family of musicians. My mother was a singer and voice teacher and her brother, Samuel Barber, is one of the most famous American classical composers of all time. I’ve loved singing since I can remember, which translates to about 65 years. Because music was always honored and respected in our home I was raised with a desire to sing well. In college I studied vocal performance and vocal pedagogy (how to teach voice), which are two different, related skills.

What Is Your Background and Training?

Chris: I began performing with amazing professional choral groups while in college and began formal teaching when I was 19. My love for helping others discover and maximize their voices continues to grow, as does my love of studying all I can about the voice.

Why did you formally start Vocal Coach?

Chris: In my 30’s my wife Carole and I realized there was an enormous need for recorded training and that’s when Vocal Coach began. Carole and I have traveled the world teaching and sharing, and God has given us great favor.

Were there any key players who helped?

Chris: There have been many great guides and encouragers long our journey. A major contributor was a record company executive named Stan Moser. Stan “got the vision,” saw the potential and believed in us. He helped us formalize, record and market Vocal Coach through a major label getting us into stores and expanding our exposure.

Are you still teaching?

Chris: Absolutely! I still teach in our Brentwood, TN studio as well as Online using Skype and FaceTime. I’m thankful for how technology allows us to teach singers around the world without having to leave home. We also teach in a very large “Kids Choir” program at World Outreach Church in Murfreesboro TN. Teaching the next generation is a huge honor and a great responsibility.

Any Other Thoughts?

Chris: Carole and I continue to be amazed and humbled at the scope of what God has allowed us to do. To date, Vocal Coach has sold over two-and-a-half million physical and download products. Considering that our first products were on cassette, with our daughter designing the labels and our son assembling them in our basement we’ve come a long way. (Thanks Kerri & Scott!)

A Final Word From Chris

Carole and I want to say, “Thank You” all of our students—whether you listened to our voices on CD, or met Face to Face—for helping us do what God has called us to do. We will keep on doing it as long as we are able. We love and believe in you!

For Vocal Coach and our staff,
Chris Beatty

p.s. Here are a couple gracious affirmations we received recently. Thank you, and keep on singing!

Simply the best coaches. They care about your entire person; spirit, soul, and body. My time spent with them was so valuable to me on multiple levels. I have recommended them and their vocal products through the years to anyone wanting to improve their voice – whether speaking or singing.
— Tami

I have been using the Beatty’s technique/CD’s for more than 17 years. It is incredibly sound and solid! Unlike the training of a popular series that teaches that you don’t need proper breath support/diaphragm training, the Vocal Coach training and exercises—if done daily…correctly—will bring you seriously AMAZING results in as little as 2–3 weeks (but don’t stop!). Can’t say enough about this training! Love Love!
— Diane

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