Breathing Control

What is the best approach to breath control techniques?

What is the best approach to breath control techniques?

Hi Singers! Having just finished another week of teaching and coaching I am reminded once again of how learning to use your breath the right way can SET YOU FREE.

With well over 2 million CD’s sold, our biggest single title of all time is Complete Breathing (CD or download) and here’s why: Every singer recognizes that without a natural, easy and efficient flow of breath there will never be good, consistent, predictable singing. And, without some understanding of how the body does this there will never be that freedom and relaxation we all dream of having.

Ask the Vocal Coach Question

Michael recently sent Ask the Vocal Coach this question:

“What is the best approach to breath control techniques?”

My Answer

In your breath is life. It also happens to power your voice. Use too much and you can distort your sound and tire, or even damage your voice. Use too little and there’s no sound. But, learn to manage the right way and you have it all!

Here Are Some Thoughts to Get You Started:

  1. Managing your breathing simply means getting just what you need, no more and no less, and then releasing it with just the right flow for what your singing. And, not only is it very doable, it’s a fun learning process with awesome rewards.
  2. Breath management can only be at it’s best when you have reasonably good posture. And, we’re talking about being efficient, not looking formal or stiff. Lifting your hands straight up over your head is the quickest way to find an aligned, balanced posture. As you lower your arms while retaining the posture your off to a good start.
  3. As your brain and body get use to taking only what you need for a phrase it’s becomes more relaxing and less work, overall. That makes singing more predictable and fun

It’s a Physical Process; Not a Mystery

Just like tone, diction and expression, breathing is a very mechanical and physical process. That means that as you practice the right exercises the right way, muscle memory can eventually take over and it will be natural and automatic.

A Helpful Tool Absolutely FREE!

In addition to the Complete CD or download we offer a free, powerful Ten Steps Better Breathing For Singers that you can print, study and share with other singers.

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  1. Gracias. Lo siento nuestros materiales aún no están en español, pero espero que usted todavía puede aprender de nuestros blogs y otros materiales. Chris Beatty

  2. Thanks so much for your info I’ve found it really helpful!

    As a female Alto I found really hard to reach those higher

    notes but after training my vocals for 3/4 months now I can

    happily say I’m slowly becoming a comfortable mezzo-

    soprano, hard work pays off!!

    Personally, I found an ebook online with tips and

    techniques very helpful, I’ve shared the link below if

    anyone wants to take a look :) really got me determined!


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