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How Long Does It Take to Achieve My Best Voice?

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Once you start the vocal exercises on daily basis, how many days, months or years will it take to reach your your best of the best voice? And also what period to reach your permanent voice which you might not need any serious training again.


It’s my experience that one never stops growing vocally. There is always something to learn, someone to glean something from, and something to challenge yourself on.

I know that may be a stock ‘teacher’ answer, but it actually is true. Music is constantly evolving and there is always something new. Even just from a physical point of view, every individual develops differently. The male voice for instance is still maturing well into the twenties and even early thirties.

How Long Will It Take to Achieve My Best?

Really, the best and simplest answer I can give you is this: The harder you work, the less time it will take. It is hard work and it is hard to work in a correct and in a healthy way.

So to answer your question about how many days, months will it take to reach your best—that is difficult to predict—but with proper practice it’s sooner than later.

When Do I Stop Training?

[perfectpullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]There is always something to learn, someone to glean from, and something to challenge yourself on[/perfectpullquote]
And when will you not need serious training? That is a good question. I studied seriously from high school through shortly after college and then would have ‘check-ups’. I was a committed student of voice and maintained the things I learned very well, which is what led me to want to share what I know and have experienced through the years.

So I stopped ‘seriously’ training after about 8 years. But, I learned to record and watch and listen to myself and be a good critic of my own voice. Still, I have always needed support and help from a trained ear that is not my own. When I need a checkup, run into challenges—or when I had viral laryngitis, Chris Beatty helps me get my voice back on track.

It’s so important to have that relationship where you can go to your teacher and say, “Hey, I need a tune-up?” or “Something isn’t feeling or sounding right.” I don’t think a singer actually ever ‘perfects’ the voice in every aspect.

We Can Be Your Vocal Coach

Wherever you are in your vocal training, we can equip and encourage you to be your best. And bring you there in the quickest, most efficient way possible. If you are committed to singing, you will need a good balance of self directed learning with good resources and professional training.

Vocal Coach will give true and honest feedback and help you through a challenging vocal time or get you on the right track. Sometimes a call back to foundational singing is all a singer needs—breathe, stand upright, watch your jaw and head movement. Sometimes we face specific challenges unique to our own voice.

I know that’s a long answer to your question, but this is truly the best answer I can give. Keep on singing!

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  1. Wow! Was 50 years old before studying voice. Just felt there were notes I could sing but needed help to get there. Didn’t realize I could sing until way into adulthood.My instructor sees no reason one can’t sing into 70’s, 80’s or
    more. In fact my duet partner is 81! It’s fun
    and a challenge. Have used Vocal Coach to warm up at home since I’m not a pianist. Just do it.

  2. That’s awesome, Darlene! You you have literally “walked out” the joys and benefits of good voice study. So happy for you. And, here’s another benefit of singing: A healthier life. Those who continue to sing are likely to have have better breathing in general as well as better posture. Those are who key elements of growing older and maintaining good health. Congratulations in all you are doing and congratulations to your teacher, who “gets it.” Vocal Coach Chris Beatty

  3. Hi I am in middle voice register
    -I sang “you raise me up”
    -I am learning “trust in you”

    I am in a professional choir
    but still I am not able to find songs that fits my voice.
    AND I take singing lesson.
    Please could you help me find a song that would fit my voice ?

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