Vocal Coach's Pick: Complete Warm-Up
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Coach's Pick: Complete Warm-Up

Vocal Coach's Pick: Complete Warm-Up

Hi Singers … and Speakers! Hope your summer is starting off well. Everywhere I look, I see people stretching and warming up before they run, walk, play golf, baseball and every other sport. It’s always easy to spot those who are just “doing something” before they get active and those who understand the principles and movements that will allow them to be their best and without injury.

As you might guess, knowing what you’re doing and why when you warm up to sing is just as important. It’s not a matter of making some sounds. It’s a matter of understanding how your voice works and what exercises will literally prepare you to sing well. The same principles apply to those who teach and coach and even salespeople who are on the phone all day.

Vocal Coach Complete Warm-Up is not just a collection of exercises. It actually teaches you the principles of a good vocal warm-up so that you can always be properly prepared to use your voice without straining.

I love this feedback we received from Lonnie in Los Angeles, it reflects so well the reason I created Complete Warm-Up:

Your ‘Vocal Athlete’ parallel is so accurate. I am an athlete, but never realized what I was putting my voice through. With no warm-up whatsoever I would put huge demands on my voice… daily. Now, I start every day warming up on the way to work and I’m “vocally aware” throughout the day. I also love cooling down after rehearsals or performances. Now I understand it. I feel like I’m singing smarter and protecting my voice.

Now is a great time to get the Vocal Coach Complete Warm-Up CD or mp3 download. It’s easy to understand and has been helping and protecting those who use their voice for dozens of years. And, it’s 20% off right now.

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