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How can I keep my voice Hydrated?

Hi Singers. I just got a great question about keeping your vocal cords hydrated, and thought I’d share it with you along with my reply.

A friend of ours who is currently finishing her degree in voice asked:

I have heard several times a singer must drink water to keep the voice hydrated. My question is, along with drinking a great deal of water should a singer also spray the nasal passages to achieve hydration in this area as well?

Vocal Coach Reply:

That’s a very good question, and here are my thoughts. Drinking water (1/2 your body weights in ounces. 150lb=75 oz) is systemic hydration and absolutely necessary. Did you know that during a full concert a singer can loose as much as a gallon of water just through the breath and perspiration? If you’re in a dry environment (heated/air conditioned) even more moisture is pulled from you body and your water intake needs to be increased.

As for adding a topical lubricant to the sinuses and nasal passages I recommend Entertainer’s Secret which is what we sell. We know the ENT who invented it and it’s great. It helps with dryness from lots of vocal use as well as the drying side effects of most medications. So, there you have it. Systemic and topical. Both necessary.

One more critical thought on the topical moisturizing is this: When you are dry and crusty in the nasal passages and sinuses those areas don’t sympathetically vibrate and resonate when you use your voice. That makes you tend to push because you’re not “feeling” the sensations of a moist and supple “speaker cabinet.” Spraying the Entertainer’s Secret into the nasal passages gives and instant suppleness and vibrance you can feel. That, in turn, gives peace even in stressful situations when adrenaline is making you even more dry.

Hope this helps. Sing well, and let my know your questions.
Chris Beatty

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  1. Hi Chris & Carole,

    I just wanted to mention that I regularly use Entertainer’s Secret, and I just ordered some more because I want to make sure that I don’t run out. It is a bit more expensive from you than from Amazon, for example, but I ordered it from you because I appreciate your regular emails. They have been helpful in my ministry, singing and speaking in churches across the country since 1995. I appreciate your helpful advice.

    1. Thanks, Phil. Entertainer’s Secret is really effective as a topical moisturizer but, as you know, should always be used IN ADDITION TO and never instead of lots and lots of good old H2O. Thanks for your support of Vocal Coach.

  2. While I agree that drinking water is neccessary to keep hydrated I think that squirting things down your nose is not, and unnatural

    1. I’ll have to disagree with you on this. The reason for the dryness of the result of our culture that uses heated or air conditioned air much of the year of many areas. Both of these processes cause dry skin, dry eyes and dry throat. In addition, doing a lot of speaking or singing is also dehydrating as every exhaled breath carries moisture out of the body. A solo artist, singing a 1 1/2 hour concert can easily lose a gallon of water just through the breath in one concert while also drying the vocal tract. So, maintaining good hydration is necessary and, for many, topically moisturizing the sinuses, nasal passages and upper throat of very, very helpful. It literally helps the sound and stops over singing because the singer can feel the physical sensations of the sound.

  3. Hi Chris,
    What about if I drink too much water? I mean: Is it even possible?, or Is there not a limit for water consumption?

  4. Hi everyone. I don’t know how old this blog is but when I used Entertainer’s Secret last year around New Year’s Eve, I ended up getting a micro bacterial infection in my vocal cords. The biggest night of the year for my band was ruined. Come to find out, they recalled the spray strictly because it was causing these infections in several other people also. They said they changed the formula and it’s good now but I would never risk that again. Just a heads up if you use the spray on a regular basis.

  5. Hey Josh, I’m sorry you had an infection last year and hope that never reoccurs. In defense of Entertainer’s Secret I will say that it has, and continues to help thousands and thousands of singers, actors and speakers around the world regularly and I personally do not hesitate to use it. Especially as winter arrives with it’s dry air. But, I don’t fault you for sharing your thoughts and I’m allowing your post to stay.

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