Is it safe to Sing and Drive?

It’s not unusual to see someone singing while driving. Sometimes you even see full on performances in the car ahead of you with everything but lighting and props.

A few years ago I bought, a bumper sticker that read “Caution: Driver Singing.” The real warning is, “Look out! This person isn’t focusing on driving. They’re performing a song.”

So, while the sticker is primarily intended as humor there is a good side of this: The car is a great place to practice. For many, it’s the ONLY place to practice without being interrupted. “But,” you might say, “wouldn’t it be better to be standing while singing?” The truth is you should be able to sing while sitting, standing, running across the stage or . . . driving.

You should also be equally comfortable singing wearing everything from wedding attire to a swimming suit and T-shirt. After all, the song is coming out of you, not the clothing. So, think through the correct technique get in a good warm-up and SING anywhere you can do it safely. (No texting while singing and driving, please.)

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  1. THANKS , Thats where i get much of my practice in , is in the car. No interruptions great .

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