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Singing Through Cold Season

Tis’ the season to be singing!

Most of us are almost done with the big Christmas productions. Unfortunately, many are also coughing and having trouble hearing due to head congestion. Other than medications here are some tips to keep you singing through the end of the year… with excellence:

  1. HYDRATE MORE. Winter season (at least in North America) means dryer air outside. It also means dryer air inside as a result of heated homes and cars (which I am thankful for). That, plus all the extra singing, and even talking if you work retail means UP YOUR HYDRATION. Water, water and more water.

  2. THE POWER OF THE HUMM. Humming, with a chewing motion is a great way to keep things warmed up and resonating. It’s also a natural decongestant. It helps loosen and drain stuffy areas, which along with good hydration keeps you healthier. (Some of the silly noises babies make are really God-given exercises to keep the head and larynx area healthy.) Those of you who use the Lip Trill or buzzing motor exercise should also do that. It’s one of the absolute best warm-ups ever. Here’s what it sounds like:

  3. The OTC (over the counter) product called Neil Med Nasal Rinse, available from Walgreens and sometimes Costco is an outstanding way to flush out the nasal passages and sinuses. It’s very inexpensive and used by thousands of singers and speakers to keep the body’s “air filters” clean and open.

Hope this helps, and that you finish the year with joy in your heart and health in your voice. The message of the Son of God is one of the strongest, most meaningful you will ever sing.

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    1. Thank you . . . all of you Bettys! I love what I do and hope I can provide you with information that will help you do what you do, better. Thanks again.

    1. Thanks, Lewis. I know Christmas is long gone but my love for the voice is not. I’m blessed to be able to share what I love with so many. Hope this year is most amazing for you. Chris

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