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As Your Voice Ages

As Your Voice Ages

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This week, Delia Asks;

My voice has gotten deeper as I age. What kind of exercise can I do to help maintain my key

My Answer

Thanks for your question, Delia. It’s true that the voice does tend to get lower as we age, and there’s a reason: Just as most of our body systems get less efficient and a bit sloppy, so can the voice. But, the good news is that if you take the right approach, and are willing to do a little work, you can stabilize the voice for years of good singing.

Here Are Some Common Issues:

  • Posture: We get lazy, crooked and less efficient as we age. This effects our breathing, vocal resonance and overall energy and stamina. The right principles and exercises can reverse this problem.
  • Breathing: If the posture is less efficient the breathing surely will be, and this impacts us in all areas. The right principles and exercises can reverse this problem, too.

Once you address the above two areas you can start working on other foundations like the sound/tone of your voice, diction, vocal warmups and more.

Vocal Coach training materials address all of these areas and are fun to use as well as very systematic and interactive, not to mention a great value. You can begin either with just the Complete Breathing CD or download, or get a more comprehensive set like Vocal Coach Singer which also includes Complete Breathing. After you have worked with these materials you may also choose to purchase an Online vocal coaching session. We would love to help you out via Skype or FaceTime. We can see and hear each other and have a very productive, personal training session.

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  1. Hi,

    I recently joined my choir at church second soprano I never sang in front of people before. I was given some of your warm ups to do at home. My question is my throat gets dry very quickly what can I do to prevent this from happening because when I go on high note my voice cracks and when that happens I quickly stay quite after that.

    Thank you

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