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How Do I Establish a Vocal Study Routine?

Your Question:

I got the Vocal Coach training CDs and honestly, this is a lot of information to handle! I want to establish a routine for daily work and study. What do you recommend?

My Answer:

Thank you for your questions. Getting started can be tough and I’m glad to see you’re willing to dive in! Here are my suggestions for your daily routine for voice study:

  1. First, schedule your voice training times according to when you are fresh and relaxed enough to ensure quality time. This is more important than just robotically going through it as you can develop bad habits it you are not fully alert and focused.
  2. Starting with some of the posture and breathing exercises is always a good idea to be sure you are “holding” the instrument correctly and breathing the right way.
  3. Before you start singing remind yourself of the basic “how and why” of warming up the voice. If you need a little refreshing, listen to the first part of Complete Warm-up.
  4. As you move into more exercises, continually monitor yourself visually. This can be done with a mirror or even with a webcam or iPad.

Because muscles have memory, and will memorize both good and bad habits the key is to move slowly, with patience, practicing correctly. Then, get feedback from someone who has the skills and experience to help you along.

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