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About Panting…

Here is a question I received from Leandro about the panting exercise I reference in my 10 Steps to Better Breathing post.

Your Question

I have a question about panting (From your 10 Steps to Better Breathing Post). Does the Panting exercise help in expanding the abdominal area so that there is more room for air?

My Answer

The Panting exercise, which is used on our Complete Breathing CD/mp3 doesn’t so much expand your abdomen as it gives you more control of your breathing. Panting requires quick shifts back-and-forth between inhaling and exhaling in very short bursts. It helps build the Core Breathing Muscles that give you all the breath you need, while not letting you use more than you need. Most singers literally use twice the amount of air needed to sing a phrase. This costs you breath and control, and robs from your best sound.

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