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How to Use Vocal Coach Daily Workout


Hi, I have the daily workout on mp3 but I seem to have missed how you recommend us to use it. Do we need to go through all the exercises or do we just pick the ones we like? Or do we hope to build up to the full 70 minutes eventually? Thanks


[perfectpullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Practice is about quality time, not the number of exercises you sing[/perfectpullquote]

Thanks for your question, Lorenzo. As you probably know, Vocal Coach offers a number of teaching tools to help you build your singing skills. Tools like Complete Breathing, Tone, Warm-Up, Expanding Your Range and Diction teach specific topics with applied exercises. We also have the Daily Workouts and Ultimate Choir Warm-ups which are just exercises with great orchestrated accompaniment.

When using the Daily Workouts here are some thoughts:

  1. It’s all about quality time, not the number of exercises you sing in any particular session.
  2. Always prepare yourself so you are focused. Think through as well as sing the exercises.
  3. Before you sing a note check posture (lifting arms to ceiling) and do a few sip/hiss breathing exercises.
  4. As you sing, evaluate what you are physically feeling. Are you maintaining posture? Is the head staying centered over the shoulders and not sticking out or up for higher notes? Are you opening your mouth making it easy to pronounce the exercises? Can you feel the vibrating resonance in face and head?
  5. You can sing as much or as little as you like, but plan on at least 15 minutes of well sung exercises to even start warming up the voice. If you’re feeling good and doing well, take it as far as you want.
  6. Any time you start to feel vocal fatigue, STOP. Evaluate what’s going on making needed corrections. Then either move on or pause and regroup.

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