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What's Better – Water or Entertainer's Secret?

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Which is more effective for moisturizing and lubricating the throat, Entertainer’s Secret or Water?

Water or Entertainer's Secret

My Answer

Both, and for two entirely different reasons. Entertainer’s Secret Throat Relief Spray serves to topically moisturize, where as water is systemic hydration.

In cold, winter weather the air tends to be dryer in most areas, though some areas maintain a high humidity making the cold even harder to take. In all areas, however, the colder the air the more we rely on heat to stay warm. Whether in your car, home, business or shopping you are being dehydrated by heat. This increased dehydration needs to be replenished by increased water intake … a lot. For singers, teachers, phone marketers and all others who are voice dependent this is critical.

How much water do you need? At least half your body weight in ounces of water daily. That’s 90 ounces for someone weighing 180 pounds. If you’re doing a lot of singing, teaching or voiceover work you may need more. Even then you can get dry in the mouth, nasal passages and sinuses and that’s where Entertainer’s Secret can be a lifesaver. Spraying this soothing aloe and glycerine formulae into the nasal passages and letting it drip down into the throat instantly allows maximum vibration in these areas. As tissue goes from dry to moist you will be able to physically feel the resonance. This makes it less likely that you will over sing. It feels good and it’s healthy—not to mention very economical.

Keep this in mind and your winter singing will be a bit easier and more dependable!

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