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Do you control your voice, or does it control you?

An odd question?  Perhaps, but I know many a singer who’s happiness with life is linked to whether their voice is working well, or not on any given day. And many of these same singers are doing absolutely nothing to build vocal foundations that result in a predictable, stable vocal experience.

In other words, they’re treating the voice as a mysterious, sometimes-it’s-there, sometimes-it’s-not instrument, and that never works. The fact is, what we call “the voice” can be as predictable and dependable as a carpenter’s saw or a professional baseball pitcher’s throwing arm.  Both the tool and the arm can have issues, of course, but with proper development and maintenance they tend to serve well for many years.

My advice is to be proactive with your voice. Identify your weaknesses as well as areas that you just don’t understand at all.  Be honest. Then, step-by-step, find ways to conquer each area, either with personal training, or with educational materials such and Vocal Coach CD’s that address your issues.  The important thing is that YOU be in charge of your voice. Don’t just LET things happen.  MAKE things happen!

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  1. Just what I needed today…after too many vocal exercise ‘days off’! I’ve had that on the back burner too long. Getting back to work TODAY:-)
    For God’s glory ALONE!
    Have a great weekend~

  2. So true. Too many off days. Time to get back in the game. Just wanted to ask, I am a 16 year old mezzo soprano. Any ideas how long it should take me to warm up being as I haven’t sung in a while?

    1. Most singers can get warmed up in about 20 minutes. But, this assumes you are doing the basics the right way. Things like posture, breathing, tone quality etc. In other words, just singing for 20 won’t automatically get you there. Practice makes permanent, and muscles have memory so you need to be doing things correctly. The VOCALCOACH.COM site has lots and lots of great free Blogs to get you on the right track. And our training CD’s are an inexpensive and proven way to get you started.

      Hope this helps. For Vocal Coach,
      Chris Beatty

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