Coach’s Pick: Complete Diction

Coach's Pick: Complete Diction

What Is Your Passion?

If your passion is singing, it’s important that you communicate the song’s message in a way that the average listener can easily understand. One of the most critical components of that process is clear words, and surprisingly, producing easy-to-understand words seems to be low list of priorities for many.

Why is this? It’s the nature of the beast. Most of us are more excited about the arrangement, lead guitar part and even staging and wardrobe than about clear words. The other reason is that when words are unclear the average person doesn’t know how to help you make them clear, without sounding mechanically overdone.

That’s exactly why we created the Vocal Coach Complete Diction CD training tool. The process of teaching your brain to tell your lips, tongue and teeth how to interact for clear words is actually really fun. And, once you’ve worked through it with one of two songs you will literally own the process with muscle memory.

And There’s A Huge Bonus To Having Good Diction

As words are coming our easily and clearly it means the muscles in the larynx stop trying to compensate when the ear hears unclear words. Instead, the larynx is 100% focused on getting you just the note you need exactly when you need it. And, if you are in any kind of group; a duo, trio, quartet, band, or choral group, it makes you easier to blend with.

Better pitch, better blend and easy-to-understand words are all necessary and all easy to accomplish with the right principles and exercises.

That’s what Complete Diction is all about. It’s used by thousands around the world because it works and it will work for you, too. You can order the download and have it on your computer in a matter of minutes. It’s also available as physical product. Just go to vocalcoach.com. Both you and your audience will be glad you did.

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