The More I Train, The Luckier I Get

It takes some people longer than others to realize that the more you train and prepare the more likely you are to get “lucky breaks.” Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance, and getting consistently better at what you do gets you recognized. Also, if you’re consistent, people tend to trust you and want you on their team, whether it’s singing, sports or business. Translated to real life that means if you really, really want to do something you’d better add some Preparation to your Inspiration, and that’s where Vocal Coach comes in.

We offer proven, effective training in several formats.

  1. Information and answered questions. Through our Blog, articles and personal responses to Ask The Vocal Coach questions we cover the most common, popular questions.
  2. CD’s & DVD’s: Our popular CD’s (over 2 million sold) are filled with systematic, proven instruction. As you interact with the principles and exercises you will start to feel and hear the difference. This is an effective and very economical way to build the foundations. I even recommend getting as much as you can from the CD’s before taking personal instruction Online or in the Vocal Coach Studio.
  3. Face to Face Online Training: You can have one-on-one training with Chris Beatty Online, using Skype or FaceTime. In the past, personal training usually meant flights or long drives, hotel, a rental car, etc. Now It can be as easy as sitting down at your computer or iPad. I can see you and hear you; and you can see and hear me. It really works great and is becoming more and more popular. Currently, our rates are just $89 for a 45 minute session which is very, very inexpensive for this level of training. You can purchase Training at our store. Then I’ll contact you, and we’ll set a time that’s perfect. I coordinate sessions with people as far away as 8 time zones, so I know we can make it work. Online sessions are typically real eye-openers as they deal personally with where you are and where you want to go.
  4. Personal Training in the Vocal Coach Studio: Personal Training in our Brentwood, TN studio is nothing short of exciting and voice-changing. All sessions are taught by Chris Beatty and are recorded on DVD for you to take and study later. It is not uncommon for a complete “vocal reawakening” to happen in just a few hours. Email chris@vocalcoach.com to get more details or schedule a session.
  5. A Vocal Coach Workshop for your church, college or community is a great way to kickstart your choir. Chris & Carole have done literally hundreds of Vocal Coach Workshops throughout the U.S., Canada and in a number of foreign countries. Groups range in size from 50 to 600. Each Vocal Coach Workshop is incredibly informative and very, very interactive. By the time it’s over the singers not only know the principles, they’ve walked in them for hours. Email chris@vocalcoach.com to get more details or schedule a session.

Our goal at Vocal Coach is to help you be more efficient and effective every time you open your mouth. We hope you will take advantage of one or more of the above opportunities to become all you can be. We’d love to be a part of your vocal success, and the next time someone says, “The more I train, the luckier I get,” you’ll understand that luck has little to do with it.

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