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5 More Vocal Skills That Need Each Other

We’ve talked before about vocal skills that compliment each other—aspects of your singing that will never be quite right until other areas get a bit of training. I have a few more to add to that list that list. Such as…

Complete Expanding Your Range & Complete Breathing

Every singer wants to expand and maximize their range, but you will never be able to stretch out without good breathing habits.

You can not make or push the voice to sing higher or lower. Instead, you must relax and allow it to happen. This is why you need solid breath support. When it comes to breath, you only need what you need. More air is not better, and backing off too much will leave the vocal mechanism unable to do it’s job.

Complete Breathing will teach you proper breath technique. And, Complete Expanding Your Range leads you through fun and clear exercises that build on that foundation. Frankly, most singers are pleasantly shocked when they experience easy breathing and easy access to their full range.

Complete Blend & Complete Tone & Complete Diction

Why do some family groups seems to blend so naturally? It’s partially because they have learned to speak from the same parents and have the same musical heritage. The result of this upbringing is that they naturally have the same concept of tone and even the same patterns of diction.

But, you can have this cohesion even if you’re not singing with family members. To do this, you need to master your own Tone and Diction. Then, you can start to “get on the same page” as those we’re singing with using Complete Blend, and that’s when true natural oneness of sound happens.

Remember, your voice is an instrument with many parts and many influencing factors. To be your best you must address the voice as a whole.

Thank you again for reading! Let me know if you have any vocal areas you would like to see addressed here on Ask the Vocal Coach Blog.

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  1. Hello when I see my friend sing when recorded when I look back at the video it’s her voice that I heard when with out recorded. But when I did what you did in the folder video when I recorded my voice it didn’t should the same at all. So which is my real voice?

    1. The short answer, assuming you are using a decent recoding device (iPhones are great) the playback is probably accurate. BUT, make sure you listen through good headphones or speakers and cheap speakers make anything sound tinny.

  2. When I record my friend singing when I look back at the video it’s the same exact voice. But when I did the folder video thing when I recorded my voice it didn’t should the same at all. So which is my real voice?

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