Vocal Coach's Product Pick - Teaching Kids to Sing DVD/CD Set
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Help Your Kids Be The Best Singers They Can Be

Vocal Coach's Product Pick - Teaching Kids to Sing DVD/CD Set

Kids Are Natural-Born Singers

Important truth: Kids are natural-born singers. They just are. From the time they start cooing and babbling they are falling more and more in love with the amazing sounds they can make. Equally fun are the physical sensations they feel while making these sounds.

We recently had some friends over along with their two-month-old. This little guy could go from meek gentle cooing sounds, to a happy laugh and then transition into a full blown cry in a matter of minutes. Just as suddenly he could drift off into whereever it is babies go. The key is that in addition to helping them communicate, making sounds is fun and interesting for babies, young and older children. It’s just part of life. And, since these young ones will be voice-dependent for a lifetime, why not give them the knowledge and skills to use the voice the way it was designed to be used?

Much of today’s music can be voice-threatening To Young Singers.

Initially, we all learn to speak and sing by imitation. The more clearly the parents speak the more clearly the children will speak. It’s easy to spot parent-child speech patterns, good and bad. Imitation is also the way children first learn to sing. If they hear mostly loud, aggressive music that is what they will imitate, often at the expense of their physical voice. It can also carry into an unnecessarily rough and compromised speaking sound. All this can be avoided with some good training and information when you are young.

The Vocal Coach Approach for Young Singers

We respect all singers and are especially sensitive to young voices. In the Teaching Kids To Sing DVD/CD Set we introduce one subject at a time. After a topic is clearly explained and demonstrated by Chris & Carole Beatty and the Vocal Coach Kids, it moves into a series of very interactive and practical songs and exercises. These fun, often funny but very carefully structured exercises let the kids explore, then learn the right way to master that aspect of singing (and speaking). After working through the material several times, right habits will start to show. Muscle memory along with understanding will then open the doors to more fun and efficient singing.

What is included and what do we cover?

Our Teaching Kids To Sing DVD/CD Set includes 2 DVD’s and 1 CD. Chris & Carole Beatty and a team of great young singers present principles and exercises that make learning fun, clear and accessible. We at Vocal Coach know that only when you combine inspiration and proper preparation do you change lives and develop useful mental and muscle memory.

  1. Building Foundations That Last DVD
    • Posture and being physically upright is explored as the singers learn that they are Vocal Athletes.
    • Breathing is learned as natural and efficient (as any baby knows well).
    • Tone is the sound of the voice. Learning to discover, release and allow natural sound is fun.
    • Warming up the voice can become as natural as warming up for any sport, dance or other physical activities.
  2. Essential Skills for Growing Voices DVD
    • Rhythm is fun when it’s accurate. In singing this is better done with good foundations and understanding.
    • Diction can effect not only the clarity of the message but also pitch, dynamics and vocal health.
    • Dynamics, or the loudness/softness of singing is all-important when communicating a song.
  3. Accompaniment Track CD
    • 26 Tracks including all exercises and songs.
    • You have the option of having the Vocal Coach Kids sing with you or just using the accompaniment track version.
    • The convenience of a CD makes for easy use in the car or on mp3 players.

Note that we have have audio versions of Building Foundations and Essential Skills available as well. Great for training without a TV.

We’ve worked hard to make our training materials the best and most user-friendly available. Thousands of singers of all ages around the world have found Vocal Coach Training to be just what they need to keep on growing. We hope you will join us on your journey.

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