Vocal Coach's Pick: Performance

Coach’s Pick: Complete Performance

Vocal Coach's Pick: Performance

This month Vocal Coach is featuring one of the most important tools in the Vocal Coach arsenal: Complete Performance CD. We need only watch The Voice TV show to see how some performance coaching can take a singer from being “just okay” to being a truly excellent communicator.

What is Performance Coaching?

In a nut shell, it’s a matter of identifying which elements are working and which are not. For instance, some singers on The Voice are really, really inspired. They are intensely expressive, but they don’t have a predictable, interesting voice. Or, they may have amazing voice quality, but no facial or body gestures to back up the message. Or, the voice and expression may be solid, but there is no ebb and flow, ups and downs. It all sounds the same. As each area is corrected and whole performance becomes stronger.

Complete Performance was created for this very reason: Most singers don’t have all the necessary elements in place. They aren’t sure what questions to ask, what to look for or listen for in their own recorded performances. The really good news is this: Once you know what’s missing, you have a chance to dramatically increase your effectiveness as a singer.

Some of the areas covered in Complete Performance are:

  • How to choose a song that works for you.
  • How to determine what to do with a song to make it come alive.
  • What gestures and expressions are valid for you in this song.
  • Microphone techniques.
  • How to structure a meaningful sound check, especially if you’re not a technologically oriented person.

There are a many more areas covered as well. And, together they will challenge and lead you to become the best singer and communicator you can be. You are a vocal athlete. As you create a check list of areas to improve and master you are systematically moving towards being all you can be, and that’s exciting!

Remember: You can download Complete Performance from the Vocal Coach Store and be working with it just a few minutes from now. That’s what I call putting technology to work for you.

Do you have a question about your own vocal Performance? Submit it using the form on on my blog where it says “Ask the Vocal Coach”.

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