Be who you are, vocally. Don’t try and fit someone else’s vocal mold.

Someone else may be a higher or lower voice part than you, and that’s fine.  They may also relate to different vocal styles because of their cultural or musical experiences.  That’s also fine.

But, notice that I didn’t say, “Stay in the rut you’re in. That’s just the way it is.”  In fact, here are two thoughts to the contrary:

1. Even though you can’t suddenly become another voice part you probably can significantly expand your vocal range just by cleaning up and refining your vocal technique. It’s all about owning the foundations and having some specific goals.

2. Learning to believably sing new styles is a fun and wise pursuit.  In fact, expanding your repertoire of vocal styles makes you a more valuable, more flexible singer.

Finally, here’s the answer to a question I get asked regularly.

Question: Chris, what do you actually do with singers?  Help me understand.

Vocal Coach Answer: I guess you could sum it up as this:  I look at people who sing, and then help them discover their potential, discover current problems or limitations and come up with solutions and a step-by-step way to make it happen.  This does, of course, require the cooperation of the singer, and it does take some time, but it’s very doable . . . and that’s what we do at Vocal Coach with in-person or Online sessions.

BONUS: Like a little humor? Check out these two Vocal Coach Animations:

I Have To Practice? And Preparing for Performance

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