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Singing Turns Your Breath Into Music

There's a lot to a trumpet.I just saw a great cartoon from the old Family Circus series. The older brother is holding a trumpet and educating his younger sibling.  He says,

“When you blow through here it turns your breath into music.”  

That’s EXACTLY how a child would summarize the workings of a trumpet.  He doesn’t need to know all the details. Someone else has taken care of that, and it works.

Well, guess what? In many ways we should think of our voices the same way.  You move air from the lungs up through the mouth and it turns it into music. In fact, when performing, that’s about all you have room in your brain to think about.  The rest of your attention should be on being an expressive communicator to the listener.

Don’t get me wrong. I am fully aware of all the mechanical and acoustical events going on as well as the preparation it takes to become a good singer.  I’m just reminding us all that it’s easy to over-think the whole vocal process to the point of sounding and looking like a vocal robot.

 Learning the mechanics in order to not have to think about the mechanics is the goal, and it is a process.  But oh the joy of being able to just stand there and let your mind, body and spirit turn moving breath into a powerful and clear message.

Remember, it’s easy:

“When you blow through here it turns your breath into music.”

 Have an amazing week, and let me know how Vocal Coach can help you do what you do, better.

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