RESPONSE by Phil Wickham (Vocal Coach Review)

Over the years I have been given more CD’s to listen to than I can count.  Some have good vocals, some have a few good songs and some have arrangements that work for those songs and that singer.  But, most don’t have all those elements working all at the same time.  I was recently asked to review a project that might just challenge and change your life.
RESPONSE by Phil Wickham has all the right elements.  He is one of those rare singers who never gets in the way of the message, and that’s not easy.  His voice is clear.  He says what he wants to say without padding the lyrics.  He just gets it done.
Here’s my review:
“In RESPONSE this extraordinarily gifted psalmist has, once again, captured my heart and spirit.  Starting with the proclamation, “You made a way for me,” in THE VICTORY to the closing cry of, ” Let us see all that You are,” in HEAVEN we are taken on a journey of challenge and change. In the middle is SUN AND MOON, an intimate and sobering wakeup call to reevaluate where we are, adjust and commit anew to the King of Kings.  Heaven Fall Down isn’t just songs; it’s an experience from one who clearly works at his relationship with God as hard as he does at his craft. A life-changer for all who hear.”
For those of you currently developing your songwriting and vocal skills, Phil is a great example of both.  Not too much; not too little; just right.
Let me know your thoughts on RESPONSE, and check out other Reviews on this blog under “Product Reviews.”

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  1. Hey…great review, but the name of the CD is Respond- not Heaven Fall Down (although it is one of the best songs on there!).

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