Hello 2015

Hello 2015

It’s not even the middle of January and the year is already busy. Here are a few thoughts (and a sale) from my heart to yours as you begin your year:

A Little Bit of the Right Instruction Can Make All the Difference

It’s true that mastering singing is a process and a journey, but it begins with baby steps. Those first few steps can easily make you want to take the next step and on it goes. Don’t be threatened by who whole journey. Instead, focus on one step at a time and enjoy it.

You Can Get Vocal Coaching No Matter Where You Live

Yesterday, I did an Online Skype coaching session with a man in Japan with great success. In the last month I’ve coached singers in 15 times zones across the world!

You Can Accomplish a Lot on Your Own

Having a teacher or coach give you feedback all along the way is ideal, but many of us don’t have the time or resources for that. The good news is that you can master many of the most critical foundations on your own… with the right tools.

We Have the Resources You Need

Did you make a resolution this year to improve your singing voice? Now is a good time to pick up the resources you need. We have all our sets on sale to help you keep your resolution. Whether you start with the Essentials Set or the Complete Set, having these resources at your fingertips is key. Set aside some time each week, or work along with them in your car, and you will see improvement!

Need a Little Help? I’m Here for You

If you need a little help knowing where to start, I also have my Voice Assessment on sale. This is a quick 15 minute vocal checkup to help you know what your next steps are.

Challenge yourself in 2015 to master some new skills. Be all you can be — and let us help!

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