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How do I encourage my team to use the resources I gave them?

Meggan leads her praise team at church and she has given them Vocal Coach CDs to work with. But she is having trouble getting them to do their homework! Believe me when I say I’ve been there.

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Hi. I recently purchased the complete vocal coach package. I am having trouble with my praise team at church… getting them to use it. Where is the best place to start? Are the vocal exercises intended to be done all of them in one go? Or should one select a few to use at the time? I guess I just need a game plan to get them excited and started using the program. At a loss. Thanks!


I think all of it at once can be overwhelming and that may be part of the problem right now. I’m curious about what makes up your team. The ages, skill levels, experience, etc may affect the following advice. But generally, it would be great to just use some of the Group Warm-ups from the Choir warm up or a favorite or two from the Warm-Up CD to start. Make it a part of the weekly routine and then slowly start integrating some of the others.

Breathing is a great one to help build stamina, control, and really challenge each other on making strides. Each week members could try to go a bit longer in breathing exercises than the past week. Members can begin to notice some gains in just a few session.

Tone would be a great one to introduce in a month or two. Also – since you have the Daily Workout you could opt to have members borrow a copy each week or buy their own and report back to the group anything they may have learned.

As a fellow worship leader I have found that it’s important to challenge the team and to give small goals and have some expectations. Once they start to hear improvements in their own voice and in the group, this will hopefully give them the motivation to dig deeper on their own. I applaud you in your effort. Let me know if you have any other questions.

p.s. We offer bulk discounts if you would like to buy copies of our CDs for you group members. Email for more info.

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