Both fear and insecurity can cause unsteady breathing, stressed tone quality, inaccurate pitch and more.

If this is you, here are some solutions to set you free:

INEXPERIENCE. If mere inexperience is the cause, the solution will be found in developing and owning good vocal technique and performance skills.  This can be accomplished by finding a local, qualified teacher and coach, or taking advantage of Vocal Coach Online Training.  Online training is the personal, powerful, convenient and cost effective way to get the training you need.
SHYNESS. If you are a shy person by nature, you may need additional coaching to further reinforce mechanics of not only the voice, but also of expression and gestures. These will have to be exaggerated. Rehearsing with props and in front of a video camera or mirror is especially helpful.  If you don’t naturally know how to be expressive in front of a crowd consider using the Complete Performance CD. It’s a powerful tool.
PITCH ISSUES. If you have pitch issues, and know it, dig in with a sensitive, experienced teacher and conquer this ear-training issue. This is a nonnegotiable skill for singers.  If, after reasonable time you don’t see much progress get a second opinion.  If you are still not able to get from pitch center to pitch center accurately, you may have to confront the possibility that singing in public is not for you.  Even then, as long as you’re not holding a microphone, sing on, and enjoy.  Note: We can do an effective evaluation of pitch issues with a single Online Session using Skype or iChat. Just visit Personal Training on our site.
UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS. If your own expectations are a bit too idealistic, based more on dreams than honest feedback and careful training, it may be time to reevaluate and recalculate.  You should know that the stories behind most successful singers include a lot about very hard work. That doesn’t mean singing 8 hours a day, but It does mean learning how to use the tools of singing properly.  This includes your vocal mechanism, accurate pitch, an understanding of tone quality, expression and gesture and more. Good singers don’t just happen any more than good athletes do.  It’s always about inspiration plus . . . preparation. One, without the other, will always leave you lacking.

THE GOOD NEWS is that you don’t need to be stuck with bad vocal habits or even a lack of knowing where you really stand. Step out, reach out and enjoy the voice you have. Vocal Coach is here to serve your vocal needs.

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