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What a fun time we live in when it comes to distance learning.  Some of our students travel half way across the country for one-on-one, in person coaching in our Brentwood TN studio.  Many, however, are traveling only a few feet to their laptops, desktops or iPads. The really amazing thing about live, distance learning is how affordable, yet powerful it is. I see and hear you; you see and hear me.  That combination can accomplish a lot in a short time at a very minimal cost.

Here are some examples from the last month that I know you will enjoy hearing about:

  1. A singer-songwriter and physician from the East Coast needed help preparing for a recording project.  We worked through diction and tone exercises as well as interpretation and phrasing.  We got the job done using Skype, and now he’s ordered our Singer Series to continue the process.
  2. A singer-songwriter and United Nations delegate had some serious vocal challenges that we got a handle on in just a few hours in our Brentwood studio.  Finding the free, natural tone quality and establishing efficient breathing (actually using less breath) were on our agenda.
  3. A teen worship leader needed direction to free up his maturing voice.  He got more comfortable with the mechanics of singing and started to experience a more free transition between registers.  All this with webcams and the free program Skype.
  4. A twenty-something worship leader and church soloist asked for  coaching to help him “own” a particular song. After discussing the real message of the song we used such tools as lip-syncing, exaggerating diction and stabilizing posture to bring out the best vocal sound. Inspiration plus thorough preparation is always the best combination.
  5. In a few weeks I’ll be working with a touring artist who just had throat surgery.  He and is having a challenging recovery and needs a little help making sure he is using the instrument the right way.  This is just one of the many instances where the right coaching can help save a voice and a career.
  6. One of our students (who is a well-known singer) just called while on tour.  He was having a difficult time getting over some vocal issues.  Because we are on the same page as  teacher and student we were able to accomplish much just over the phone.

There is nothing more satisfying and rewarding to me than watching singers overcome obstacles and be all they can be in every way. I’ve been seeing this for many years and it never stops touching my heart. That’s what Vocal Coach is all about.

Is it YOUR TIME for some personal training?

If you have questions about Vocal Coach Distance Learning or any of our Vocal Coach products please let me know in one of the following ways:

Hope to hear from you soon, and maybe even see you.
Chris Beatty

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