Never Underestimate The Importance of Giving a Great Performance

Everyone loves a Great Performance

Do you like a good performance? I do. But, what exactly is a performance?

By definition, a performance is simply carrying out a task. Our performance is actually considered in many aspects of our lives, and can be done well, or poorly. Here are some examples:

  • How is the stock market performing right now?
  • Did your car perform well on your last long trip?
  • How was your last job performance review?
  • In that last World Series what closing pitcher gave an amazing performance?

Common Denominators of a Great Performance

awaiting a great performance
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We also apply the term performance to the arts; such as singing, acting, or playing an instrument. In each of these applications, as well as athletics there are certain common denominators, like ability, training and experience. So, whether you’re singing the national anthem, performing with your band or choir or even leading worship in a church there are certain elements that need to be there if you’re going to perform well. Let’s briefly look at three areas.

Basic Ability

Most of us have at least the fundamental ability to throw a ball to someone nearby. Most of us can also imitate something we consider funny, which means we can—to a degree—act. Most of us can also sing along with a crowd and come close to singing the right notes. So, for most of us, the very basic ability is there.


Training is what causes the first separation between the average performer and those who are above average. It begins the process of defining and strengthening the skills and processes needed to do something with excellence, predictably and consistently. Training is where muscle memory replaces random performance.


Another aspect of what further separates the beginner from the advanced performer is experience. This is where muscle memory takes over much of the technical skills allowing a focus on just communicating as well as bringing the listener into the experience. But here, like in training, you need guidance. Otherwise that dangerous adage, “practice makes permanent, and not necessarily perfect,” will apply.

Owning And Expressing The Song With The Vocal Coach Complete Performance CD

One of the weakest areas for many singers is the ability to connect with the song, own the song, and then clearly and powerfully express the song to the audience.
Vocal Coach Complete Performance is the perfect step-by-step guide to get you there. It easily leads you through the process of owning, and then expressing a song.

Owning the song means you are no longer just singing words and notes. It means that you have asked and answered the hard questions like; What is this song about? Who wrote it and why? Who are the characters involved? Why am I singing it? Who am I singing it to? Can I easily relate to the message? If not, have I researched the message enough to intelligently express it? What facial expressions, hand gestures and other movements and gestures can I apply to really express the song?

Using Vocal Coach Complete Performance (CD or mp3 download) is fun, challenging and rewarding. Most of all you will soon find yourself automatically knowing exactly how to approach a song… and the audience.

Finally, as you watch and listen to award-winning singers you will begin to identify why it is they are so successful. And, the more you apply the principles in your own singing, the more successful you will be.

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