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Physical Exercise for Your Voice – Ask the Vocal Coach

I received this question from Ndumiso. I don’t hear this question too often, but it is something you should not overlook. Your physical wellness definitely has an impact on your voice. Read on for more.

Your Question

What are physical exercises need to be done for voice training, I mean exercises like push-ups and sit-ups or other kinds of exercises?

My Answer

Thank you for your good question. As a matter of fact, any good, general conditioning exercises are great for your voice, both aerobic and strength training—in sensible moderation, of course. Especially important for singers are core strengthening exercises such as the Superman combined with sit-ups (antagonistic balance) to help with posture.

Balance exercises such as standing on one foot or up on toes are also helpful for posture/balance. The only things I have seen become problematic are excessive weight training with the accompanying, excessive sub glottal pressure in the throat. I have also seen “six pack abs” that are so tight they can’t release for normal breathing. For most of us, however, that’s not likely to be a risk and we’re lucky just to stay generally, physically fit.

Keeping physically fit is vital to every aspect of life, and singing is no different. I encourage you, if you are spending time improving your voice, don’t overlook good general fitness. Feeling good and standing strait are as important to a good tone as anything!

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  1. I’m going to add a thought to my own blog, and it is this: Any exercise or activity that has you screaming or grunting excessively is potentially dangerous for the voice. Example: Cheerleading. It can be amazing aerobic exercise. Where gymnastics are included strength, balance and stamina are also developed. And, that’s all get as long as the vocal part isn’t just yelling. With proper training, cheerleading can be done with the same efficiency that good singing and acting can. Weight training is also very beneficial, unless holding the breath and straining in the throat is present. The professionals I know always defuse this with steady exhales during the lift.

  2. hi!
    I had no clue that you should have do general conditioning exercises for your voice. huh. I did think that you should have good core stregth for singing. Wow this is really helpful! Thank you, hopefully getting in better shape will not only benifit my health but also my singing!

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