Thinking About The Larynx

Today I’m on the East Coast listening to the waves roar in from the almighty Atlantic. Like most days, today I have also given a little thought to the human larynx. No, I’m not obsessed with it, but let’s face it: I’m a vocal coach, with the responsibility of evaluating how singers, speakers and actors of all ages use their instruments. Then, finding just the right principles and exercises for each that will lead to more vocal freedom, flexibility and stamina. It’s a incredibly complex task, but one I enjoy and am very comfortable with.

My current view

In addition to the larynx, which actually creates sound from a moving column of air, I am constantly amazed at the larynx-ear-brain connection. Think about it. We mentally know what sound and pitch we want to produce. The brain tells the larynx exactly how to adjust the vocal folds to produce that exact sound. In real-time, the ear gives the brain feedback so that necessary large, or small adjustments can be made to get the job done. It’s nothing short of amazing. And, if that isn’t enough, the lips, tongue and teeth get involved shaping the perfect vowel and consonant sounds that represent a specific thought or object.

But there’s more (sounds like an Apple announcement)! This predetermined sound moves air that causes the listeners ears to vibrate and their brain turns these vibrations into a message. WOW! And we simply call this entire process “speaking,” or “singing.”

After thinking that through, I look back over the last month at Vocal Coach and this is what I see: Between teaching in our studio, and teaching one-on-one and private Online sessions, I have taught and coached singers, actors and voiceover professions from around the country. All of that from my simple studio. Carole and I also presented workshops in Alabama and Michigan. To top that off, I’ve worked with 150 3rd-7th graders preparing them for what will be a very, very well done Christmas production at our church. 150 kids who were all focused. Can you believe it?

So, I am very happy, honored and fulfilled as The Vocal Coach. It’s been a productive and fruitful month.

How should you react to all of this?
Be thankful and amazed at your voice and its potential.
Determine that you will take steps to find your vocal weaknesses and turn them into strengths.
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