Sitting and Singing

One Simple Principle for Singing in Any Position

How does a singer keep good posture and tone while playing guitar? What about while sitting. One simple principle allies in every situation to keep your body properly aligned for a clear, resonant vocal sound.

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Hi, I´m from S.Paulo Brazil, congratulations, I loved Complete Breathing, Expanding, and Warm-Up. They helped me a lot, thank you very much! I have a question. Since all exercises are done standing up, is there any problem, singing seated while playing the acoustic guitar? Is there a lack of voice quality?

My Answer

Great question! The good news is that sitting is not a problem at all. After all, guitarists and pianists sit and opera and Broadway singers are in every position imaginable and they all have to have maximum control of their voices. The key principle for you, as a guitarist, is this:

Always Be “Standing” From the Waist Up

Most of the time, you should be able draw an imaginary straight line from the hips to the shoulders and on to the ears. You can tilt in any direction and have lots of movement, but you want to avoid sticking the head out, lifting the chin for high notes, or collapsing the chest. If you keep those techniques happening you’ll have no problem.

All that being said, you should do the Vocal Coach exercises sitting, standing, walking around, and even sitting at a table or driving. Using the voice well has nothing to do with stiff or formal postures. I has to do with alignment.

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