This week Carole and I have had so much fun just watching singers grow. We’ve had our usual interaction with folks via email, Facebook etc. where we get to answer questions and help singers“fill in the gaps” in the understanding of their voices.

Then there was our Tuesday night class where we had 12 singers who really want to experience all the freedom and range they can get out of their voices. Each one walked out having been challenged with concepts and exercises that took them to the next step. Since it was a class setting, they also had the added advantage of watching and listening to others trying to negotiate the same exercises.  It was just plain FUN!

Finally there were the in-person students (as apposed to Online Skype sessions).  I am absolutely amazed at what can happen in one or two hours of focused time with a student. There were two notable experiences I was aware of this week.

One was what I call “Discovery and Revelation.”  That’s when there is an area where the student and I both knew something needed to change and it happened.  Often, it was the mastering of a completely smooth and free transition from the bottom to the top of their range.   No flip, glitch or break.  Just one connected and continuous sound.

Another, is learning to OWN THE TONE.  That’s when the absence of any tension in the larynx starts to become the norm, resulting in a free, effortless sound.  As one singer said, “It just feels amazing.  It’s like I’m not working at all and there’s this big free sound coming out.”  I remember going through each of these steps in my early training and I know how significant each one was.

I hope your vocal journey leads you to the same, fun and amazing experiences. Owning vocal freedom is just plain exciting.

Have a great 4th of July, and let me know how I can help you be the best singer you can be.

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