Where should I begin?

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So, you’ve decided to take the plunge! You want to have a better voice, you are willing to do the work it takes, and now you have the tools and exercises to get there—but there is one thing holding you back—where should you begin?

This week’s question is about how to get started with our flagship product Vocal Coach Complete, which contains all of our adult training CDs (also available as a download) in one set. While I address this in the included intro CD, it is certainly worth reiterating. Just like with any athletic activity, learning the fundamentals and using them throughout your training is key. Without understanding how your body works you are likely to be building bad habits instead of good technique! Read on for the details…

Where should I begin?

Your Question

Hey Chris! After months of looking for a new vocal coach since we have moved back to DFW, I decided to go with the tried and true Chris Beaty CD method. I just re-purchased all of your workout CDs in the VC Complete product. I am looking for some advice on how to proceed with a regular workout that incorporates all of the workouts (Breathing, Tone, Diction, etc.) throughout the week in somewhat of a systematic method. Do you have any recommendations on how to approach a daily workout that uses the full compliment of workout CDs?

My Answer

Here’s what I suggest. Though all of our training tools are stand-alone products, there is an ideal order of flow based on how one technique builds on another and a certain natural priority of importance. For instance, breathing and posture is fundamental to everything; warming up is vital to any vocal session; having a big range is less important than having good tone etc.

Honestly, the specific times and sequence of your daily and weekly vocal workout sessions is less important than the establishing the proper fundamentals and maintaining them throughout. And, a workout regime can be a very personal thing that is best addressed in personal lessons. Review the list below and spend some time with each vocal area—being sure to grasp it before moving on to the next. Once any vocal area has been introduced, feel free to focus on that, but also continue to go back and use the previous exercises to make sure you are working on top of a strong foundation.

Here Is the Official Best Order for the Training Areas:

  1. Complete Breathing
  2. Complete Warm-Up
  3. Complete Tone
  4. Complete Expanding Your Range
  5. Complete Diction
  6. Complete Performance
  7. Daily Workouts
  8. Group/Choir Warm-Ups

I would stay with the exercises on Breathing and Warm-Up before launching right into Daily Workouts. It’s critically important to do every exercise correctly and efficiently rather than risking reinforcing bad habits. After a month or so you will be ready to launch into the Daily Workouts, but even then you should continue to revisit the earlier teaching sections of Breathing and Tone. You can also use the Group/Choir Warm-Ups as general warm-ups. They give you the added flexibility of jumping to different parts for variety and putting them in your comfortable octave so there’s no straining.

I hope this gives you some structure. PLEASE let me know as questions arise. Remember that keeping a log/journal of questions and observations is great for review and for your next vocal coach session!

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