A Favorite Warm-Up & Workout Tool For Groups


Ultimate Choir Warm-Ups 1 & 2 is one of the most powerful, flexible and fun tools in the Vocal Coach arsenal. By switching between 1-Part, 2-Part, 3-Part and 4-Part exercises it gives you and chance to “fit in” to the overall exercise no matter what your voice part. And, if that’s not enough it changes between simple and complex rhythm, loud and soft dynamics and more. Lastly, the Choir Warm-Ups/Group Warm-Ups give you the ability to switch parts in the same exercise. If you’re a soprano you might opt to sing the tenor part, just in your octave. Low basses might try the alto part or vise versa.

With all this flexibility and all these options this is an outstanding tool to warm you up, work your harmony and blending skills and try some technical challenges you might not ordinarily get to do. So whether you are a Soloists singing rock to Bach, you’re on a worship team, sing in a choir or sing in a band you will love the Vocal Coach Choir/Group Warm-Ups.

Just for fun, here’s a little taste of five different exercises.

Oh, I should also mention you can get PDF files of the print music. Thought not necessary, seeing, as well as hearing your part adds one more dimension of learning.

*Group Warm-Ups are part of these Multi-Disc Sets as well as available by themselves: Vocal Coach Complete, Vocal Coach Singer, Vocal Coach Blend

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  1. I would like to get Ultimate Choir Warm-Ups 1 & 2 for my small church choir at Pine Grove Baptist Church in Magee, Mississippi. I was unable to play the samples from Chris’s blog. Can you email me a link with the samples attached? Thank you. You are loved and appreciated.
    Charlie Levingston.

    1. Readily available as downloads or physical product by going to vocalcoach.com and clicking on Vocal Products. These fun, flexible tools are great for building blending, agility and warm-up skills.

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