Rebooting Your Blend

One Voice With Many Parts

If you sing with others you should constantly be working on your blending skills. What is blending? It’s “oneness” of sound that comes from a group of singers. It’s when no one sticks out, every word is clear and the message is powerfully delivered to the listeners. I’ve heard duos, trios, quartets, quintets and choral groups as large as 200 all sounding literally like “One voice with many parts.” And, this works for any style.

How Does Blend Happen?

Good blend is usually a result of each singer having the same concepts and, to some degree, same skills. It involves posture, breathing, tone, diction, expression, and a developed ear. And, blend requires a willingness to yield the “solo” part of you in favor of the group sound. It’s not unlike what’s required for a good sports team.

Vocal Coach Blend

The Vocal Coach Blend CD/mp3 download is a step-by-step tool to help you and those you sing with blend better. Any group singer or lead will learn much from this interactive, time-tested teaching tool.

Here Are a Few Key Points You’ll Learn Using the Complete Blend Set

  • Develop Active Listening Habits
  • Balance Your Volume
  • Understand How to Blend
  • Merge Your Sound and Style with Other Voices
  • Harmonize and Sing as a Team

If you sing with others, you owe it to each other to let go of your own voice and blend the best you can. Check out Vocal Coach Blend Set today.

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