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Do You Want To Sing Higher?

After you read the Blog be sure to listen to the two audio sample exercises below.


What a silly question.  Of course you do.  Everyone does, but why. Is it because the sopranos and tenors get the really great solos in every style from opera to pop? Or, perhaps it’s because you can’t sing your top notes without straining and that’s frustrating.

Whatever you reason for wanting to sing higher let me suggest you rephrase your goal to, “I want to have easy access to all my potential notes.  Higher, lower and everything in-between.  And, I want to be able to sing my lowest notes even after singing in my top range for 10 minutes.

Now, those are great goals, and realistic ones. In fact, the only way to really “own” the high notes is to work your full range, bottom to top to bottom to top.  Then, this physical, mechanical, acoustical instrument we call the voice will truly be there for you with all it’s potential.


Expanding your range the right way requires that some basic foundations be in place.  It is also helpful if you realize several things.  First, everyone can’t sing every note. Just like string instruments, we have limits. Violins can’t be used for cello solos and visa versa.  In the same way, high sopranos and tenors can’t sing as low as a bass.  Nor can a low base sing the same quality high notes as the tenor or soprano. That being said, there is a good chance you can add significantly to your current range by doing the right exercises the right way.  Then, giving your voice time to develop muscle memory that will serve you for a lifetime.


First, give yourself permission to fail as you learn. In other words, don’t try an exercise once then give up if it’s not perfect right away.  Really great singers spend years perfecting their craft, so give yourself a break and enjoy the process.

Second, take some time to fine-tune your posture and breathing.  Click here for our Free Singing Resource Page and go to “Ten Steps To Better Breathing.

Third, with good posture and breathing in place start playing with the “Lip Trill” exercise by clicking  LipTrillDemo.  Then, add the “Siren” exercise to your routine. Click here to hear a demonstration: SirenExerciseDemo

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