When I say, “The best things in life are free,” I really mean it.  To me, BEST means those parts of life that are fulfilling, refreshing, excellent and . . . life-giving.  And, these are things you can’t buy with a credit card or cash.

Refreshing to the eyes, and free.

Sounds. The sound of wind in the trees.  Rain falling on your roof or into a lake. Ocean waves, large or small, or the magical sound of a child laughing. The voice of someone you love speaking encouraging words, meaning them. And speaking of the voice, remember how God made the voice to work and it makes spoken words all the more special: Breath is released, travels through the wind pipe, sets up vibrations in the larynx that is then amplified in the chambers of the mouth and head.  Then the lips, tongue and teeth shape that sound into understandable words.  This is all free. Amazing.

Sights. A sunrise, sunset and even a heavy storm moving in (assuming you’re in a safe place, of course). A flower or insect you’ve never seen before and even those you’re familiar with. To be able to see, and just think about these things is a free gift.

Smells. Each season of the year has it’s own smells as different trees and plants take their turn at bringing forth their scents.  That doesn’t even include the smells of foods, but someone did have to buy and cook those so technically they’re not free.

Feelings. Here’s where it becomes harder to define, yet it’s just as real as sounds and smells.  The feeling of knowing you are loved, of knowing you’re doing the right thing and of peace amidst a complicated world. Those feelings are measurable and there’s nothing surreal about them.

The Cross. For me, I have to add to that list the peace and security I feel because of what Jesus did on the Cross for me. It’s the ultimate free gift, though a price was paid. A price I will never forget as I live with the free benefits every day.

What’s your “Best things in life are free” story?  I’d love to hear it.  Just let me know at

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  1. Was really nice to read an article that say simple trues in a simple language. It was a great gift, in special when it say about The Cross. I think so, the Jesus’s cross is a gift that rewrote whole creation. God Bless you.

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