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Save your voice, Teachers!

ATTENTION CLASSROOM TEACHERS, CHOIR DIRECTORS, DRAMA COACHES    August, September and October can be vocally challenging times for teachers. As your vocal use increases so do some very common challenges like vocal fatigue and even laryngitis. Most of these problems can be completely eliminated by starting to warm-up and workout your voice NOW. Even if you’re…

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VOCAL COACHING USING LONG OR SHORT DISTANCE LEARNING IS CONVENIENT, LESS EXPENSIVE AND REALLY GETS THE JOB DONE! What a fun time we live in when it comes to distance learning.  Some of our students travel half way across the country for one-on-one, in person coaching in our Brentwood TN studio.  Many, however, are traveling…

Surprised By Worship Travis Cotrell-Vocal Coach Review

Special Book Review from Vocal Coach Chris Beatty Surprised By Worship by Travis Cotrell Reviewed by Chris Beatty “Worship out of whatever pains you, concerns you, or absolutely delights you,” writes Travis Cottrell. That continuous state of worship “happens when we connect our heart with the heart of God.” Travis clearly speaks from personal experience….