Mark David Williams Joins the Vocal Coach Team

Hello Singers! I am so proud and excited to introduce to you the newest member of Vocal Coach, Mark David Williams.

Mark joins the Vocal Coach team as a teacher, coach and contributing author. Like myself (Chris Beatty), Mark will teach and coach Online as well as work with students in his Nashville voice studio.

Mark’s Story

Mark and I have a unique history that I’d like to share with you.

25 years ago my wife Carole and I met a 15 year old singer while teaching at Music Minnesota. Mark David Williams was a typical teen in many ways but we noticed something extraordinary about him. He had an unique passion for singing and a deep-rooted desire to take his voice as far as it would go. As it turns out that was to be farther than either he or I imagined.

On December 8, 2001 I got a call from Mark’s family saying Mark had been hit by a drunk driver in a head-on collision in Nashville. When we first saw Mark he was in Vanderbilt’s Intensive Care Unit. He looked like a mummy, bandaged head to toe. He couldn’t see, or talk and was fighting for his life. They were soon to begin what would be dozens of surgeries over the next few months. Mark has enough metal parts to set off even the weakest metal detector, though you wouldn’t know it by looking at him.

Why do I share all this? Because Mark’s accident and recovery allowed me to get to know and mentor him in some unusual ways. Instead of breathing to sing, Mark was now breathing through a tracheotomy in his throat just to live. To exercise his arms he would put on head phones and “conduct” a symphony orchestra. That’s hard to do in a cast, but he did it. That physical, musical exercise was part of the recovery. (If you want the whole story I’ll refer you to the book written about his journey – Under the Shadow)

Mark has gone from student to close family friend, along with his wife Leah and their twins. I know Mark as a survivor, an accomplished singer, actor, voice and performance coach. I’ve watch him transform students. I’ve heard his choirs. I’ve seen his touring group, Tenore, and I’ve seen him lead worship with excellence and sensitivity.

What This Means to Vocal Coach and to You

Online Vocal Training

Mark is available right now for Face to Face Online Vocal Training. Online Voice lessons are done via video chat and are just as effective as training in our Nashville Studio. Training with Vocal Coach products will take you far, but personal training helps you truly master your voice.

Topical Tailored Lesson Packages

Plus we are introducing new lesson packages tailored to address common vocal concerns such as preparing for an audition, or caring for your speaking voice.

Schedule A Session Now

Ask the Vocal Coach

Mark will be brining his unique perspective and experience to the Vocal Coach blog and to the questions you submit through our Ask the Vocal Coach form

New Products…

Mark has extensive experience as a Worship Leader and working with vocal groups in general. We know that many of you are in group and church situations, and we hope to harness Marks experience to bring you new products tailored to help you excel in these areas.

To start with we are offering 2 new tailored lessons entitled Worship Leading – The Technique And Process and Singing With Others. Check them out and comment if you have any questions.

Our hope is that bringing Mark into the Vocal Coach family will expands our ability to reach more singers throughout the world. And we hope that you will welcome him as well!

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  1. Congratulations Mark! How wonderful this is. So very proud of you, and am praying for your success in this new endeavor as well as your continued work with Tenore! God bless you and show His favor upon you.

    Love and blessing,
    Pastors Jim & Ramona

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