AND IF OUR GOD IS FOR US by Chris Tomlin. Vocal Coach CD Review

Special CD Review from Vocal Coach Chris Beatty

AND IF OUR GOD IS FOR US by Chris Tomlin

Reviewed by Vocal Coach/Songwriter Chris Beatty

I was thrilled when Chris Tomlin’s publicists as me to review Chris’ new album.  From the onset of the album, the clean vocals, powerful Scripture-filled lyrics and meaningful tracks hooked me.  Before I even made it through the first song, Our God, I was singing truths like, “Our God is greater, our god is stronger.  God You are higher than any other.”  As the album continued I couldn’t help but be drawn into confessing and declaring God’s instructions as well as the fruit of those instructions.

Chris Tomlin’s vocals are out front and very personal, always communicating heart-to-heart.  Because of this, each song impacted me freshly with each listen.  I Will Follow, I Lift My Hands and Majesty of Heaven will take you to the Cross in a gentle, powerful way. Before even getting half way through the album you’ll get to kick it up a notch and declare, “There are no chains on me.”  Hearing yourself say that is life-changing.

And If Our God Is For Us is about life, healing, broken chains, bowed knees and the power in the name of Jesus.  Before you’ve reached the final song, Awakening, you may well have had your own awakening. AWAKE, MY SOUL, AND SING!

And If Our God Is For Us will take you to a higher place.

Chris Beatty is a Christian vocal coach ( and songwriter (Holy Ground).  He lives in Brentwood TN with his wife, Carole

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