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“I am a piano player in a jazz/pop group and up to this point only a back up singer. Since using just one of your CDs, I am having the confidence to sing some leads. I am hooked. It feels so good to sing.” Steve

"I can REALLY tell that the warm-up exercises and breathing exercises are helping me. It's amazing." Vonnie Long

"Just wanted to say hi and thanks for your vocal coach series. It has not only improved my range, and singing, but also there have been many long drives to visit my Dad in the hospital and having your vocal CD has helped keep my sanity. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Even hearing your voice has given me comfort on those journeys. So thanks. Chris Beatty. God bless you and your wife. Jesus loves you" Debbie

"You have literally saved my voice and allowed me to continue to sing with vocal freedom. Thanks again and Great blessings on you." Mark Dickerson

"I use your CDs daily and my voice is quickly getting noticed. I've learned the secret of complete relaxation in the throat. Thank you so much!" M Bryan

“ I have used Vocal Coach CDs for many years. They are filled with useful, exact, helpful information. I have previously ordered the throat spray and find it’s wonderful! Thank you so much for the effort you put into teaching, you are greatly appreciated.” G Johnston

"You are the finest vocal coaches I’ve met. Your products and workshops are fun and productive. I now use the CD’s in my daily commute to work and am seeing the results. Thank you!" J Mario

"I am amazed at the difference everything you taught me has made! I’m hitting the high notes with no problem! The practice CD’s are great and I use them on the way to the theater." Judy Hartley

"I can’t tell you now much I have appreciated your CDs! After studying them I feel I have a new sense of vocal knowledge as I teach my high school students." Terry Frey

"In 1994 I started using your training books and tapes. Several years ago I left my church position to start a folk-rock band. I’m now 52 and have never been in better voice." Mary Goldring

"Where would I be without your resources? My Vocal Coach library is growing and my voice is maturing properly." Carola Gregg

"As both a vocalist/soloist and a Physical Therapist, I wholeheartedly endorse Chris and Carole Beatty and their Vocal Coach products for use by experienced and beginning singers alike. I have been using their products for years and have found my voice and skills increasing with each use. Recently I had the privilege of meeting with the Beattys for private lessons. I found this to be a life-altering experience for me spiritually as well as vocally. Chris has the ability to quickly analyze one’s skill level and abilities and to offer advice and techniques that result in dramatic changes in vocal range, vocal endurance, pitch, tone, breathing, and many other essentials for excellent singing. In addition, I am truly amazed at the anatomy and physiology skills Chris possesses for “diagnosing and treating” vocal issues.

&quoThis knowledge places him head and shoulders over other coaches in his field. I say quite sincerely, he is a “Vocal Therapist”. Any investment you choose to make in your voice with the Beatty’s expertise will yield tremendous vocal gains. And, Chris’s pastoral and counseling background will bless and encourage you greatly." Rina R. Lucas, B.S., MPT

"I am writing to let you know how delighted I am with the results I am obtaining with the Daily Workout CD.  It has been about two months since I started the daily workouts.  The range, breath control and strength have improved dramatically.  This has occurred with 3 sixteen minute practices each week.  I practice in the car on my way to exercise my body.  I have been using the high workout and am very pleased with the strong high "A" and the ease at which I can feel the B and C are becoming.  Thank you for your wonderful work.  If you have any further suggestions, I would be happy to try them.  I am a former voice student of 4 years, and am so happy that the irritating weakness in my voice is gone.  Vocal Coach works!" Nancy Allen

"Dear Chris, I actually spoke with you several years ago. I was in Nashville (Franklin) to record a CD with Praise Hymns. I had a terrible cold & sore throat. James Hume (I think it was James) got you on the phone to see if you could help me. You were kind & delightful. When I think about some of your clients I am still grateful that you used your time & expertise for me. Subsequently I went home (PA), ordered some products from your Website, healed up, then returned to Nashville several months later to record. Your products are awesome. My tone-deaf husband jokingly sings along when we are traveling for him to preach and me to sing, but it helps him. Several of my grandchildren also prance around their house singing your exercises." Victoria Smith

"Our time back in June in your studio was time well spent.  My voice is as strong as ever, I never again leave church on Sunday, after a long and strenuous day of singing, with hoarseness, or voice weakness.  My pitch is usually on target (can't say all the time, ha ha) and I find singing a true joy, like you said, just like talking with someone.  The best part is I continue to realize how you helped me open up my head so that my the sound enters my face and the sound is amplified through my head!  Thanks so much for your professional guidance and helping me serve our Lord Jesus Christ through song." Bill Spiers