Vocal Coach Complete Sets

Looking for a complete all-in-one singing training package? Save money and consider using the Complete at Home Vocal Coach Singer and Vocal Coach Blend Voice Lessons! These instructional singing CD systems combine all the training from the entire Vocal Coach line in easy-to-use multi-disc training series with additional bonus step-by-step guided instructions, journals and more to walk you through the dynamic Vocal Coach series of product.

You can become a better singer today with the most complete instructional singing systems available. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, Vocal Coach Singer teaches and builds upon the fundamentals essential to an accomplished singing voice. From posture to performance our tested and proven techniques will help you deliver your songs with consistency and confidence!

Then take your singing to the next level with the Vocal Coach Blend Series. Achieving good vocal blend with other singers can be a challenge but with Vocal Coach Blend, you can learn to merge your sound and sing as a team in no time at all. Created with duos, acapella and sweet adeline groups, choirs and bands in mind builds these singing CDs provide essential training for a singing voice that blends well with others. From active listening to balancing your volume our tested and proven techniques will help you deliver your groups songs with consistency and confidence! .

Both programs are designed with our easy-to-use step-by-step singing lessons, you’ll hear AND feel the difference in a matter of days! These are the only courses you’ll ever need to not only learn to sing your best, but also maintain your singing voice for years to come. And with Vocal Coach Singer and Vocal Coach Blend multi-disc sets you can learn in the comfort of your own home without paying for costly private lessons.