Teaching Style and Methods

What does Vocal Coach teach?

You might have heard of such teaching styles as the Bel Canto Italian School of singing or the French, or German schools. Some contemporary teaching styles include, Speak-Singing, Speech Level Singing, Conversational Singing and more.

“So What does Vocal Coach teach?” you may be wondering. Good voice technique based on the knowledge that the voice is a physical, mechanical and acoustical instrument and that good foundations will equip you to sing any style you can honestly relate to.

But Be Warned: Vocal Coach Training with Chris & Carole Beatty will not suddenly make you a professional singer, give you an effortless high C or guarantee a recording contract! Why don’t we promise, or even suggest such claims in order to sell products as some others do? It’s ridiculous. No one can promise that.

It’s like saying you can play piano like a pro in 5 easy lessons, or solve all your golf problems after watching these just-discovered secrets that nobody else seems to know about. Any time you see promises like that RUN. You don’t need magic. You need a proven method that is so much fun, and so easy to understand that you can’t wait to do it and that’s what Vocal Coach is.

Two of Carole Beatty’s favorite phrases really apply here. Practice Makes Permanent and Muscles Have Memory. In other words, if you start replacing bad habits with good ones the good ones will start to take over. As you apply Vocal Coach training your muscles will start to automatically become more efficient. It just happens. And that’s when things get really exciting. And, it’s not magic. It’s just good training.