Getting Started

How do I know where to start? What products would be best for me?

If you need help deciding where to start, we encourage you to take a look at the list below.

Get StartedIF YOU ARE:
An adult or teen wanting to build, or rebuild a solid foundation for singing in any style. This can mean choir members, soloists, bands, pop and rock singers, R&B, Gospel and more. The foundations are the foundations and must come first. And, if you’re already an established artists Vocal Coach Singer will help you refine and retune your instrument.

Vocal Coach Singer, available in CD or as downloadbale MP3s, takes it from the beginning and moves as quickly as you want into the following areas. Each principle is followed by fun and fully orchestrated exercises to help you apply what you are learning.

  1. Posture. We’ve all got one. Yours just may need to be tweaked.
  2. Breath management is fun. It’s all about how you use what you have.
  3. Tone is the sound of your voice. Find the real you.
  4. Warm-Ups. You’re a vocal athlete and warm-ups are part of it.
  5. Expanding Range in a fun process and its ease will surprise you.
  6. Diction. It’s fun and necessary. Without it there’s no message.
  7. Performance. Expression, gesture and what to do on stage.
  8. Daily Workouts for low and high voices that are fun and challenging. (4 CD’s)
  9. A full Getting Started CD to start you off right.
  10. Lead sheets of all the musical exercises in PDF format can be easily printed from any computer.

And if that isn’t enough there are journal forms to help you track your progress.
Vocal Coach Singer is available as a download or in physical product with a handsome case.


Teaching Kids to Sing is just for kids and their leaders and parents. It stays at a child’s level but thoroughly presents the foundations of voice in a fun, fascinating and interacting way. Chris & Carole, with a cast of children walk the young singers through the all-critical areas of posture, breathing, tone, rhythm, diction, dynamics and more. Presented as either a 2-DVD plus 1-CD set or a 3-CD set. Only the 3-CD set is available as downloads.