Frequently Asked Questions

What singing style do you teach?

Vocal Coach Singer doesn’t teach a particular style, rather we teach you to master the principles of vocal “muscle memory”, which cause critical body parts to produce excellent sound, amplification, and control with increased stamina to predictably deliver the results you want!

In a matter of days you’ll be able to apply what you’ve learned to any style you want to sing. Just like a well-conditioned athlete often has the ability to play many different sports, a well-trained singer has the potential to sing many different styles.

How do I know if I can really sing?

We’ll readily admit that some singers are more gifted than others, but it’s a proven fact that there are many diverse voices out there with their own audience. As long as you’re not tone deaf, we help you become a better singer.

Can any level singer benefit from your product?

Vocal Coach Singer will benefit any singer, whether you’re a child, adult, or a beginner, or whether you’re an advanced or professional singer. And it’s not only for singers. Actors, teachers, pastors, salesmen, coaches, telemarketers, auctioneers, and business executives have all benefited from Vocal Coach Singer. Does that sound like a stretch? It’s not because there really aren’t any ‘new’ voice problems so Vocal Coach Singer addresses them all. With Vocal Coach Singer you will achieve your goals with a safe, systematic approach.

If I’m already singing, why do I need Vocal Coach Singer?

For the same reason natural athletes have coaches. It is only when natural talent is nurtured and combined with systematic training and preparation that the best comes out. In addition, proper preparation also minimizes injuries.

How much do I need to practice?

Most singers find that 45 minutes is a good length of practice time unless you’re actually working on a song. A shorter window of time for focused work is better than long sessions where you are constantly distracted.

How long does it take to become a better singer?

While growing your singing skills is a process, it is possible to hear and feel measurable results in only a few days. The more you practice what you’re learning, the better you’ll become. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but every brick laid increased their progress toward their goal.

What if I’m not the disciplined type, can I still use your product?

If you have a passion to sing, you will be disciplined enough to learn to sing better. You’ll pay attention to the training and take it to heart. Each time you listen to a CD, you’ll learn something new and be able to put it into practice with minimal effort. While the old saying “you get what you put into it” is true, you don’t have to endure hours and hours each day in order to obtain your desired results.

Do I need different training if I sing in a group?

Just because you have a great singing voice doesn’t mean you can blend with a group. There’s a difference between a group of people who just happen to be singing at the same time in the same place, and a group of singers that know how to blend and interact with their voices. Vocal training for groups goes beyond what’s needed for an individual voice and focuses on training for vocal blending, active listening habits, balancing your volume, and other skills needed to sing as a team.

Can I get personal one-on-one coaching with Chris Beatty?

The Vocal Coach Studio in Brentwood, TN offers personal training both in person or by phone. Check out the personal lessons section for more information.

Will you evaluate my singing?

The Vocal Coach staff is available to offer a personal evaluation either in person, by video, CD or phone. Check out the personal lessons section for more information.