Enhance Your Worship

Singing with a Heart of Praise

If you are a congregational worshipper there are no musical qualifications, just a heart that desires to lift up the name of Jesus. If, on the other hand, you are “up front” as a worship leader, on the worship team or in the choir the rules are different.

You still have to have a heart that desires to please and lift up the name of the Lord, but there is more. Why? Because, you don't want to be a distraction, but rather one that makes it easy for others to worship. That means having a pleasing, consistent and predictable sound and skill that keep you accurate without being overbearing. This way you can easily inspire and lead—which is quite different than delivering a solo concert.

It is important to note that I am not talking about sounding professional, or having an amazing range and unique style. I am talking about being a clear communicator of Spirit and song every time you get up to lead.

Want some biblical examples?

One of my favorites is Chenaniah. In I Chronicles 15:22 he is called the “Chief of the Levites, and in charge of the singing; he gave instruction in singing because he was skillful.”

I love it! He was chosen to lead the singers because of his skills.He had transformed his desire and inspiration into skill that he could use to lead others. And scripture indicates that both Chenaniah and David were skilled in more than singing. They were also skilled on their instruments. What great inspiration for us to take the time and make the effort to really learn what we are doing.

Tips for Worshipping Everyday!

The obstacle for many in this pursuit is how to find the time and materials to make it happen. To make it fit into real life. And, that is where Vocal Coach comes in. In addition to being a vocal coach, I (Chris Beatty) have been a pastor, concert singer, worship leader and songwriter. I get it. And I know what it takes to build the skills and to do this while still living real life.
Here are some suggested tools that you can start using today:

  1. Begin reading the Vocal Coach Blog and watch the free videos from our resource page to fill your mind with answers to the most common vocal questions.
  2. Either dust off or purchase (hardcopy or download) the tools that will take you from where you are to where you need to be. They could include the comprehensive training series, Vocal Coach Singer with 12 CDs that cover it all with easy to understand principles and exercises, or some individual titles to fill in your current Vocal Coach library.
  3. Any time you're in the car or have some down time, listen to the principles and applied exercises. Practice makes permanent, so be sure you are practicing the right way. That's when muscle memory comes in and makes what was hard and inconsistent, fun and predictable.
  4. Keep track of your progress, the good and the bad. As you begin to form a picture of where you're going you can refine what you're doing.
  5. And, you can always communicate with me at chris@vocalcoach.com for guidance. Improving your voice is my passion!